101 Five-String Banjo Tips Book


"Everything you wanted to know but couldn't find in one resource” is a great way to describe the new book by banjo master Fred Sokolow! There are 101 interesting and useful facts about banjo parts, banjo tuning, banjo accessories, and banjo esoterica that you would have to search high and low to find. Did you know that the early cowboys actually played banjos, not guitars? Want a great explanation of “the circle of fifths”? Need to know about banjo stands or how to install a strap? Whether you are a bluegrass style banjoist or a claw-hammer player, Fred has great tips and useful information for you. It’s a great “read” and a valuable tool for any banjo player’s bookshelf!

Has 22 Demo Tracks

88 pages with illustrations and a CD included for only $14.99.