Quality American Made Banjos

Boston™ Banjos

When we first started making the Boston, Janet and I would go to a local bluegrass club, and when we would get out of the car we could always hear one banjo all the way across the parking lot. We noticed that almost every time it was a Boston. That steel rim has a really good clarity of tone. It carries really well and will project beyond banjos that cost much more.  

We call it the Boston because of the banjo heritage of the city of Boston. Over a hundred years ago the whole Mecca of banjo manufacturing was centered around the city of Boston.”

- Greg Deering

Deering® Boston 6-String Acoustic/Electric Banjo

Tuned like a guitar, guitar players can get up and go with this 6-string banjo. Our top selling 6-string banjo - now as an acoustic/electric model. This banjo is the preferred sound in country recording studios and in non-traditional bands. Taylor Swift uses this banjo on her Grammy award win...


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