Deering® Boston 5-String Banjo


Uniquely Deering, The Boston banjo breaks with tradition and provides a professional quality sound at a lower price point by creating the drum from 3/16″ rolled steel which rings like a tone ring and upgrading the accuracy of tuning with guitar style tuners with a higher gear ratio. The uniquely Deering inlay pattern gives you visual beauty enhancing the great performance.  

Mahogany - Now Available in Maple
22 Pressed In Nickel Silver Frets
Slender Deering Neck Shape
Seed and Vine Maple & Pearloid Inlays
Guitar style tuners - (Planetary Tuners available as an option)
Satin Finish

Nickel Plated and Durable 3/16″ Steel Rim
True Tone Deering Tailpiece
11″ Medium Crown Banjo Head
Beveled Tension Hoop
24 Flat Hooks with 9/32″ Hex Nuts
24 Bracket Shoes
Butterfly 24 Piece Flange
Nickel Plated Hardware

Trimmed in White
Straight Sidewalls
Satin Finish

Has the sweet sound of mahogany with less sustain than a maple or walnut banjo.
Crisp highs and good bass response with less overtones than many banjos.
Easy to play with clarity of note separation. Great for recording.

Neck Width at the Nut 1 1/4″,
Scale Length Nut to Bridge 26 1/4″
Resonator diameter 13 7/8″
Overall Instrument Length 38″
Weight Approx. 9.6 lbs

Available Left Handed, Tenor, Plectrum, open back or with planetary tuner upgrade

Includes a Deering Hardshell Case
Lifetime Warranty

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Deering Boston™ Long Neck


Tuned in an E Chord, The Boston Long Neck is easier to sing with for deep voices. Made popular by Pete Seeger and the Kingston Trio the Long Neck banjo has a greater range for all styles of music. The Boston Long Neck is a very stable, good sounding banjo that travels well and isn't as heavy as other more expensive models. The innovative steel rim construction of the drum provides a clear, crisp banjo tone that rings like a bell, records well and plays easily. There are higher-end banjos out there that do have better, warmer sound, but they you won't get one for the cost of a Boston.

Mahogany Neck
25 Nickel-Silver Frets
Slender, Fast, and Comfortable Deering Neck Shape
Guitar Style Tuners - (Planetary Tuners available as an option)

Nickel Plated and durable 3/16" Steel Rim that rings like a Tone Ring
24 Round Hooks with 9/32" Hex Nuts
24 Bracket Shoes
Nickel Plated Hardware
Deering Truetone Tailpiece
Satin Finish
11" Medium Crown Head

Has a clean and bright tone, easily heard in a band
Tuned: E, A, E, G#, B
Can easily be tuned in other tunings as well

Includes a Deering Hardshell Case

25 Fret Boston Long Neck Banjo
Neck Width at the Nut 1 ¼″
Scale Length Nut to Bridge 32 7/64″
Overall Instrument Length 43 1/2″

The trust and pride we share in our product gives us the confidence to grant every owner
of a Deering banjo a Lifetime Warranty ensuring the quality of our materials and workmanship

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