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Deering Tenbrooks Legacy Natural Mahogany Banjo Package with -06- Tone Ring



Crafted out of an unstained luminous honey-toned natural mahogany, protected by a glass-like high gloss finish, this unique Tenbrooks Legacy -06- banjo will be a welcome addition to any banjo collector! The Deering -06- tone  ring is noted for its ability to give the player incredible depth and range of tone. Combined with the natural mahogany, this Legacy banjo will delight both the novice and experienced banjo player who is lucky enough to own it. As a special offer, we are including not only the hard shell Deering case but also a monogramed Deering bar stool,  Deering mahogany banjo stand that folds up and fits into the pocket of the case, a set of strings, a leather strap and a Deering hat! 

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