Deering 5-String Banjo Strings - Light Gauge


Greg Deering knows what makes a banjo sound great. He chose the gauges for our private label string sets to meet the demands required of any playing style. These banjo strings will work great for 5-string long neck banjos and 5-string parlor banjos as well.

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Deering 5-String Banjo Strings - Medium Gauge


Greg Deering knows what makes a banjo sound great. He chose the gauges for our private label string sets to meet the demands required of any playing style. These banjo strings will also work great for 4-string plectrum banjos as well as 5-string long neck banjos.

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Deering Tenor Banjo Strings


Tenor banjo strings for standard tenor banjo tuning.
Tuning: C, G, D, A
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Deering Irish Tenor Banjo Strings


Tenor banjo strings for Irish tenor banjo tuning.
Tuning: G, D, A, E
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Deering Plectrum Banjo Strings


New Plectrum banjo strings by Deering

A great banjo needs great strings. Deering Banjo Strings have been specially formulated in conjunction with Dunlop Strings to bring the best out of your banjo, producing a bold, crisp and clear tone. Constructed of high-grade nickel plated steel, these strings are extremely durable, very easy to play, and truly retain their pitch, making tuning issues with string bending and other techniques a thing of the past.  They are even packaged to guarantee that your strings arrive fresh and ready to be played.

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Banjo Head T-Wrench


Head tension is critical to good sound. Choose the right t-wrench to adjust the bracket nuts and tighten the head of your banjo.

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Deering® Banjo Care Cloths


Made in the USA, these cloths will help keep your banjo in peak playing condition. The pink cloth has wax in it for the wood surfaces, the white cloth has a strong anti-tarnish substance, and the grey/white combo is for daily use. The white interior will clean off the light tarnish of daily playing while the grey cloth is a soft flannel with nothing on it to use as a wipe down cloth after each playing session.

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Bach for Banjo: 20 Pieces Arranged for 5-String Banjo


The banjo shares many of the same sonic qualities as a harpsichord, so although it's so closely associated with more homespun genres, the instrument actually lends itself very well to classical music! The pieces in Bach for Banjo are in tablature only with chord symbols, arranged at the beginning to intermediate level for five-string banjo players. As in classical guitar arrangements, the melody and harmony are combined. Most pieces are on facing pages with no page turns required, and beginners can pick through the selections at a slow pace. The book features just the best-known parts of 20 beloved Bach pieces: Air on the G String , Arioso, Minuet in G, Sheep May Safely Graze, Sleepers Awake, and more.

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Deering® Banjo Stand


Deering worked directly with the folks at Cooperstand to make this customized Deering wooden banjo stand. Made of African Sapele Mahogany, the stand is great for both openback and resonator model banjos. This new stand has several advantages:

·         Compact…folds down  small enough to fit into many gig bags and instrument cases. This makes traveling with one much more convenient.

·         Protects finish on your banjo…because it is made of wood, there are no metal pieces that can scratch or damage your banjo finish.

·         Stable construction… the stable, lower profile prevents running into the banjo stand, causing possible damage to the instrument.

·         Enhanced aesthetics…the wooden stand is beautifully crafted to enhance the home or studio environment.

In short, this custom Deering wooden banjo stand combines artistic good looks, versatile full size, functional strength, with minimal size compatibility, and portability. All of this in one very small package.

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Deering Custom Stoneware Mugs


Hand-crafted in the USA by master potters, these beautiful custom Deering stoneware 12oz. mugs will have you sipping in true banjo style!

They are food safe, 100% lead free and non-toxic. Microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe! You have your choice of a stunning green, called Ivy Mist, or an earthy glaze of browns called Frothy Brown. 

They make great gifts for your Deering Banjo lover. 

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Deering Banjo Gig Bag


Embroidered in gold with the Deering logo, this beautiful padded cordura 5-string banjo gig bag has adjustable back pack straps, a sturdy Velcro handle, and a front pocket for storage.

Available in open back and resonator models.

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Banjo Stand Accessory Pack


Includes a Deering banjo stand,one set of Deering banjo strings, Deering banjo gig bag, 2 ProPik finger picks, and 1 ProPik thumb pick. 

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Tenor Banjo Gig Bag


A perfect fit for any model of the Dropkick Murphy's Tenor banjos this beautiful green Gig Bag is well made with sturdy padding to cushion the banjo in travel. It has several storage compartments sewn into it. A shoulder strap and a handle make carrying your banjo easy. It will fit in the overhead on most airplanes. This well made gig bag also fits Deering Goodtime 17 fret Tenor banjos, 19 fret Tenor and Parlor 5-string banjos as well. It's a great way to take your banjo with you!  

  • 35″ long
  • 14 ¾″ wide in the pot area
  • 5 ¼″ in the neck area
  • Depth 3″
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Greg Deering Maintenance Workshop DVD


Ever wonder how to properly set a banjo up for the best sound and playability? Greg Deering personally teaches all about banjo adjustments and set up. He takes the banjo completely apart and puts the banjo back together again before your very eyes in this enlightening DVD. It's a must for every player!

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Deering Banjos Baseball Cap


Made of a 100% cotton, these hats are fully adjustable with Velcro fastening on the back. They have a rolled brim and are embroidered.

Sueded Black Hat is embroidered with metallic gold.

Distressed Grey is embroidered with white. 

Dark Green has a sporty low profile, brushed twill, and white embroidery. 

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ProPik Thumbpick


Equipped with a smooth-wearing plastic tip, the Metal-Plastic Thumb Pick has great tone, requires no break-in, and eliminates that annoying grinding sound ordinary plastic thumb picks are prone to make.The pick is made of Delrin plastic for durability and steel for a flexible fit.

Available in right-handed only.

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ProPik Fingerpick


Vintage Style Picks offer great tone and comfort. Inspired by popular picks made in the 20's this vintage style pick has a more comfortable fit! Just bend to fit. 

Our ProPiks are Nickel-Silver and are Blade Style #1.

Sold in single quantity. Please enter number of desired picks. 

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Nylon Banjo Strap


This 2″ black web strap comes with leather end attachments so that it can be easily attached to your banjo.

Comes in black, brown, or tan.

Designed for: Goodtime Banjos

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Deering 2 Finger DVD


The perfect lesson DVD for someone who has never played a musical instrument. Barry Hunn takes on an easy and comfortable tour of the banjo and teaches the easiest way to play a banjo. In fact, many people have learned to play several songs in a matter of minutes with this magical DVD.

Songs taught: You are My Sunshine, Tom Dooley, and This Land is Your Land.












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Deering Fashion Tee


New soft cotton T-shirts with a modern fit for both men and women.

Available in black.

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Eagle Logo Leather Cradle Banjo Strap


Made in the USA, this black leather cradle strap will protect your banjo at the same time it makes your playing easier. This 2" padded leather cradle strap, printed with a gold Deering eagle logo. 

Designed for: Goodtime, Boston, and Vega Little Wonder, Vega Senator, Vega Old Tyme Wonder, and Eagle II banjos.

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Truss Rod Covers


Personalize your banjo!

These banjo truss rod covers are available in Pearloid, Black, or Hardwood. Available engraved or not engraved. Includes two small screws for installation. 

May not fit Deering banjos made prior to the year 2000. Will take 1-2 weeks to complete engraving. 

Note: If ordering an Engraved Cover please enter the exact text in the "Add Note to Order.." box in your cart at checkout. (MAXIMUM 16 CHARACTERS)

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Deering Padded Leather Cradle Banjo Strap


Made in the USA. This custom-made leather Deering cradle strap has 2” memory foam padding for extra comfort while playing. Designed specifically to fit the heavier Deering upper line banjo, this strap has no metal parts to damage the delicate finish on the wood or mar your hardware plating. With a Deering name printed in gold on the main body of the strap, it helps you tell the world you love your Deering banjo!

Designed for: All Deering and Tenbrooks banjos - Excluding Boston, Vega, Eagle II, and Goodtime Banjos.

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Cotton Cinch Cradle Banjo Strap


3" Cotton Cinch with cradle leather and cradle style attachment.  Designed specifically to meet the needs of Goodtime, Boston, Eagle II, Vega Little Wonder, Vega Senator, and Vega Old Tyme Wonder banjos.

Comes in black, brown, or tan.


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Lambswool Padded Deering Cradle Banjo Strap


Gold Embossed with the Deering Eagle Logo, this leather strap has sheep's wool padding for comfort. It attaches by threading the slender ends between the J-hooks and the rim and attaches with a tie that threads through the holes in the ends of the strap in effect cradling the banjo which is a very secure attachment.

2 3/4" wide

Designed for: All Deering and Tenbrooks banjos - excluding the Boston, Vega, Eagle II, and Goodtime banjos.

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Thumb Picks


Small (Ivory) #THP-S Medium (Ivory, Pearl, Black, Clear) #THP-MLarge (Ivory, Pearl, Black, Clear, Multi) #THP-LXL (Pearloid)#THP-XLPlease Specify color when ordering

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Hall 3 Way Bracket Wrench


Perfect for owners of more than one style banjo. This wrench includes a 1/4", 5/16" and 9/32" sockets. Good for Deering, Vega, Goodtime, and Tenbrooks banjos.

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Top Frosted Banjo Head


This is the most popular head made for a 5-string banjo. It is crisp, bright with good snap, not too much sustain, good clarity and note distinction.


Head diameter: 11 inches

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Deering® Short Sleeve T-Shirt


This product is unavailable

100% cotton with printing on both sides, Deering Quality Banjos logo on front and Eagle logo on the back.

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Cane Toad Pick Pouch


The Cane Toad was introduced into Gordonvale, Queensland, Australia, 22kms South of Cairns, in 1935 from Hawaii to combat the sugar cane beetle which was destroying the crops of the sugar cane industry. It has since hopped all over Queensland.

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