Deering Hardshell Banjo Case


Deering designed its traditional, arch top, hardshell case to protect your special banjo. To protect the neck from breakage it has extra wedge padding in the peghead region.  It has a roomy interior storage section and sturdy padding in the resonator area.

Available for 5-string, tenor, plectrum, 6-string, 12-string, longneck, and openback banjos.

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Deering Banjo Gig Bag


Embroidered in gold with the Deering logo, this beautiful padded cordura 5-string banjo gig bag has adjustable back pack straps, a sturdy Velcro handle, and a front pocket for storage.

Available in open back and resonator models.

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Tenor Banjo Gig Bag


A perfect fit for any model of the Dropkick Murphy's Tenor banjos this beautiful green Gig Bag is well made with sturdy padding to cushion the banjo in travel. It has several storage compartments sewn into it. A shoulder strap and a handle make carrying your banjo easy. It will fit in the overhead on most airplanes. This well made gig bag also fits Deering Goodtime 17 fret Tenor banjos, 19 fret Tenor and Parlor 5-string banjos as well. It's a great way to take your banjo with you!  

  • 35″ long
  • 14 ¾″ wide in the pot area
  • 5 ¼″ in the neck area
  • Depth 3″
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Case Handle


This is a replacement case handle. There are two different handles. One parallel, and the other has a perpendicular loop that straps to your case. Please refer to your current case to pick out the appropriate handle.

Pictured first is the Parallel Handle. The second picture is the associated Deering Traditional Hardshell Case. 

Pictured third is the Perpendicular Handle. The fourth picture is the associated Deering Traditional Hardshell Case.

Does not include mounting hardware. 


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