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Banjomate Armrest


This ebony colored corian armrest is friendly to the skin and was designed with the Goodtime banjo in mind. It is a universal fit with a unique dovetail and pin design that allows it to adjust and fit to any banjo by attaching to the hooks.

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Goodtime Banjo Resonator Retro Fit Kit


You can now upgrade your blonde openback Goodtime to a resonator banjo by attaching the flange and resonator with this simple kit of parts that are easy to install.

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Deering Banjo Thumbscrew and Wall Lug


Thumbscrew and wall lug used to hold the resonator on Deering, Vega, and Tenbrooks banjos.

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Flat J-Hooks


These j-hooks fit on Goodtime, Boston, and Vega banjos. (Excluding Vega #2)

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Hex Nut


Used for tightening J-hooks to the head of your banjo.


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Round J-Hook


For Deering and Vega #2 banjos (not suitable for other Vega models).

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