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Banjomate Armrest


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This ebony colored corian armrest is friendly to the skin and was designed with the Goodtime banjo in mind. It is a universal fit with a unique dovetail and pin design that allows it to adjust and fit to any banjo by attaching to the hooks.

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Goodtime Banjo Resonator Retro Fit Kit


You can now upgrade your blonde openback Goodtime to a resonator banjo by attaching the flange and resonator with this simple kit of parts that are easy to install.

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Deering Banjo Thumbscrew and Wall Lug


Thumbscrew and wall lug used to hold the resonator on Deering, Vega, and Tenbrooks banjos.

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Flat J-Hooks


These j-hooks fit on Goodtime, Boston, and Vega banjos. (Excluding Vega #2)

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Hex Nut


Used for tightening J-hooks to the head of your banjo.


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Round J-Hook


For Deering and Vega #2 banjos (not suitable for other Vega models).

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Case Handle


This is a replacement case handle. There are two different handles. One parallel, and the other has a perpendicular loop that straps to your case. Please refer to your current case to pick out the appropriate handle.

Pictured first is the Parallel Handle. The second picture is the associated Deering Traditional Hardshell Case. 

Pictured third is the Perpendicular Handle. The fourth picture is the associated Deering Traditional Hardshell Case.

Does not include mounting hardware. 


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