Kristin Scott Benson on Deering Live

Kristin Scott Benson | Deering Live

Tune in this week on Deering Live to see multi-award-winning bluegrass banjo icon, Kristin Scott Benson as she will have a special announcement!


  • Johnny Shultz

    Enjoyed the segment. 🐐

  • Mark

    Awesome pickin’ girl, what type of material do you use for the nut itself is it original Deering? Fret guru work is absolutely correct I do it on all my instruments and hundreds of others.

  • Steve Leatherwood

    Thanks for great show with KSB!!! Hello from Shelby NC!

  • Jeff Gillespie

    Thank you again Deering for the amazing talk and play with Kristin Scott Benson. Always beautiful tuning in on Wednesday evenings to Deering Live.

  • Ron

    So I have a Goodtime Special and everyone tells me it is time to move up to a better banjo. No Banjo stores around to play a variety of banjos. How do I pick one out without hearing it? Is a 6000.00 banjo that much better than a 3000.00? What would you recommend as the next step up in the 3000.00 range?

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