Deering Banjo Series

Goodtime Banjo Series

Made in the USA at the Deering shop with the same tooling we use to make the top of the line banjos, the Goodtime banjos are the lowest priced American made banjos.  They are so accurate, many professionals have recorded with Goodtime banjos. The Goodtime Two™ banjo is enhanced for more projection of sound by including the back of the banjo, called a resonator, which projects the sound to the audience.. This is the best buy on the market!

Goodtime Banjo Series

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Professional Series

The Professional Series™ offers an inspiring collection of professional grade banjos which, when played, will leave the player longing for more. Built in our California facility by the same team who make the Goodtime Series™ and the Private Collection™ models, these high quality American made instruments are built to be played and will stand up to any live or studio performance. Professional Series models come packed with features including beautiful intricate inlay work, more choices of wood, ebony fingerboard, gloss finish on select models, a hard-shell case and a lifetime warranty. All you have to do is try one. You wont need anything else.

 Deering Professional Series Banjos

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Deering Eagle Series

We combined our love for the banjo and decades of experience to bring about the first model of our original new series we call the Eagle Series. The Eagle II banjo has exciting new engraved inlays designed by Greg Deering, a new decorative flange and a patent pending tone ring. The “Twenty-Ten”© Tone Ring was 3 years in development by Greg Deering, Jens Kruger and Philip Zanon. We have blazed new and exciting territory in tone ring technology to create a rich, powerful and traditional sound in the Eagle II banjo. 
Greg Deering personally developed new manufacturing techniques that allow us to bring the Eagle II banjo to you with a top professional quality that you don’t normally find in banjos in this price range. This is in keeping with his motivation for starting the Deering Banjo Company in the first place, and that was to make superior quality banjos accessible to the average person as well as top professionals.