Scott Avett with his Vega Senator banjo

Scott Avett

Scott Avett is one of the founding members of the influential folk-rock band The Avett Brothers. Scott primarily plays the 5 string banjo, but also plays harmonica, drums, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and shares in lead vocals for the band. 

Scott did not start playing the banjo until he was about 19 or 20 years old. As Scott put it:

"When I did begin inquiring about playing the banjo, and thinking of it as something I might want to play, I instantly felt connected. I think I started playing it because it was reflective of my voice and my need to write songs. There was a presence that’s undeniable about the volume and the shape of the sound that comes out of a banjo, and that presence being so potent and so solid." - Scott

Ultimately, The Avett Brothers joined together to present songs about experiences that they as humans have known. Subject matters are tragic, joyful and inexhaustible. Straddling the lines between classic rock, bluegrass, and pop-leaning folk, The Avett Brothers’ discography constantly evolves. When you see them perform live, they are transcendent. Their energy, stage presence, and musicianship are unrivaled, and every show feels like a near-religious experience.

Scott is also an accomplished artist and print-maker. He owns his own gallery in Concord, NC and has had his work displayed in the Envoy Gallery in New York City.