Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Harvey Reid has honed his craft over the last 40 years in countless clubs, festivals, streetcorners, cafes, schools and concert halls across the nation. He has been called a "giant of the steel strings" and "one of the true treaures of American acoustic music." He has absorbed a vast repertoire of American contemporary and roots music and woven it into his own colorful, personal and distinctive style. His recorded output of over 500 tracks on 27 different recordings, released between 1982 and 2012 on Woodpecker Records make a major statement, and have attracted a great deal of attention in the acoustic music world. His sparse, unproduced recordings have been discovered by music "purists" worldwide, and showcase his unparalleled mastery of many instruments and styles of acoustic music, from hip folk to slashing slide guitar blues to bluegrass, old-time, celtic, ragtime, and even classical.

" of the true treasures of American acoustic music." Acoustic Guitar Magazine


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