Mike Pham banjo

Mike Pham | Vinnie & The Hooligan

Mike Pham is a California based musician and adventure photographer who focuses on action sports, portraits, travel, and the outdoor lifestyle. When not playing music with the Hooligans, Mike authentically blends the rich drama of intense, undeniable landscapes with the people-driven power of documentary photography and video.

Influenced by a life of music, Mike has played in Orange County based punk-rock band (Antagen) and picked up his first banjo in 2012 when Vinnie and The Hooligans formed. Mike loves the inspiration that the world of hard-knocks and comradery breeds. As a collaborative artist, Mike loves to go on the road with people, looking for that raw moment that makes a shot and building new and existing relationships. Always open to exploring new places and trying different techniques, Mike wants to see what’s real in a moment. He looks for pain just as much as beauty because it is all part of the human story.  

You can see his photography at http://phamuel.com/

The models Mike plays are:

Eagle II A/E
Golden Wreath
Vega Senator A/E