Alison Brown at Merlefest 2022

Alison Brown | Deering Live Ep. 89

This week we are excited to feature award winning banjoist and Compass Records founder Alison Brown on Deering Live. In this episode Alison will demonstrate different ways to play blues tunes on the banjo with different soloing and comping ideas. We’ll also be talking about Alison’s new record that came out this past May called “On Banjo” and more! Be sure to tune in!

Watch Alison play her Deering Julie Belle banjo in the video below from a track that is featured on her new record "On Banjo"!


  • Gmail Paul Knight

    Have you ever experimented with slack key?

  • David Lee

    Love the playing Hear Comes the Sun wouldn’t mind the tabs

  • Sarah Atherton

    What a refreshing way to start the morning! Thank You!

  • Brad Hunt

    that was refreshing and awesome, thanks gang….

  • Robert

    Thank you Alison, it is such a treat to hear your expert play while also learning such interesting variations. Thanks Deering!

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