Alison Brown at Merlefest 2022

Alison Brown | Deering Live Ep. 89

This week we are excited to feature award winning banjoist and Compass Records founder Alison Brown on Deering Live. In this episode Alison will demonstrate different ways to play blues tunes on the banjo with different soloing and comping ideas. We’ll also be talking about Alison’s new record that came out this past May called “On Banjo” and more! Be sure to tune in!

Watch Alison play her Deering Julie Belle banjo in the video below from a track that is featured on her new record "On Banjo"!


  • Sharon Samoska

    I very much like this piece by Alison Brown. She plays the song so well and it brings back special memories! Thank you.

  • Randall

    While I am still working on Waltzing With Tula, I would love to see a tab for this! Bishmore presented one years ago, but yours is outstanding!

  • Nick Kennedy

    I was lucky enough to hear this performed live at FreshGrass in Bentonville, AR recently. Also, my brother told me that he’d heard Waters of March on a Brazilian album. I looked it up on YouTube and – what a great song! I must have found a dozen versions by various performers, all great. Thanks for that, Alison. And for all the great banjo work.

  • Alan Thatcher

    Fabulous arrangement

  • Thomas A. Adler

    Fabulous! Alison Brown is high in my pantheon of banjo gods… And this is absolutely lovely!

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