Looking to buy a Deering banjo? We have an incredible line up of retailers ready to help you.

Premier Dealer - Has the largest selection of Upperline and Goodtime banjos, as well as the ability to special order from the entire Deering catalog. These dealers also have access to all of the custom options Deering has to offer.

Upperline Dealer - Stocks a wide range of Upperline and Goodtime banjos and has the ability to special order a broad selection of catalog models. These dealers can offer select custom options.

Goodtime Dealer - Stocks Goodtime banjos and has the ability to special order from a limited selection of Upperline banjos. 

We work with some of the best music retailers in the world. If you want to buy from someone who truly understands the banjo and the rich culture that surrounds it, look no further than our incredible Acoustic Specialists. And if online shopping is your thing, take a look at Deering models at one of our many preferred online options below.

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Acoustic Specialists

These Deering Banjo dealers are specialists in acoustic instruments and can give you in depth knowledge about the perfect Deering banjo for you.

Preferred Online Dealers

Our reccomended retailers who offer the broadest selection of models with an easy user experience.

International Dealers

Deering banjos are available worldwide. Here are some of our top international dealers.