John Hartford Banjos

Our John Hartford banjos are some of our most popular banjos with artists. Artists such as Noam Pikelny, Bela Fleck, Alison Brown, Rhiannon Giddens, Ned Luberecki, and more all play this model!

Deering® John Hartford 5-String Banjo

People ask why we have a non standard inlay pattern on this banjo. It was once the standard pattern and fairly common to just have the inlays grouped right in the middle and out on the ends of the fingerboard. Some of the old banjos like the Farland, and some of those old banjos made before 1900 had this, so John asked us to do that. John was a licensed river boat captain and wanted us to pu...

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Deering® John Hartford 24-Fret 5-string Banjo

You get two full scales on the 24 Fret John Hartford Banjo and the added length of the neck moves the bridge to the center of the head giving a more rounded full bodied tone! The 24 Fret John Hartford model – a new sound in a full bodied banjo that gives you two full scales up the fingerboard. This Hartford has a big round tone that is full bodied with great bass and sweet highs. With...


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Deering® Julia Belle 5-String Banjo

It all started with Greg and Janet Deering’s friendship with John Hartford, a friendship that began over 30 years ago when Greg worked with John to design and build his first signature Hartford Model banjo.  John’s Deering low banjo was an iconic part of his sound for many years and ...


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