Deering Artisan Goodtime Banjos

Artisan Goodtime Banjos


      The Artisan Goodtime Banjos epitomizes Greg Deering's lifelong vision for the Deering Banjo Company - to produce the finest sounding, most enjoyable to play, visually stunning, and extraordinary value American-made banjos. This dedication fuels Deering's unwavering pursuit of excellence, evident in every instrument they create.

      Each Artisan Goodtime model showcases a proprietary Midnight Maple fingerboard, ornate Artisan-inspired inlays, and a beautiful rich brown stain that exudes elegance. Artisan Goodtime banjos are also equipped with planetary banjo tuners, allowing for precise tuning and exceptional performance. 

      Experience the allure and discover the impeccable craftsmanship and innovation of the Artisan Goodtime Banjos collection today.