Deering Tenbrooks Series Banjos

Tenbrooks™ Series


      When Greg Deering and Jens Kruger got together to design the "ultimate banjo" the expertise of Greg Deering as builder and Jens Kruger as performer came magically together. There are two base models available: The Legacy, made of mahogany and the Saratoga Star made out of curly maple.

      In 1878 Tenbrooks, a racehorse, beat the ever popular Mollie McCarthy by an overwhelming margin in one of the most stirring and memorable races ever to take place at Churchill Downs, site of the famed Kentucky Derby. Like the banjo’s namesake who outdistanced all rivals, the Tenbrooks banjos have a purity of tone, a deep, low bass that supports all the other harmonics of the banjo - a combination that makes a golden, warm, sparkling sound with a foundational solidity that allows the player the ultimate freedom of expression. Whether hard driving bluegrass or more delicate modern styles, the Tenbrooks gives the player an unprecedented command of the music.

      The professional Tenbrooks Banjo line has proven itself to be amongst the very finest banjos ever manufactured. Trusted by many of the top performing banjo artists worldwide. The Tenbrooks Banjo since its introduction to the market in 2002 has traveled the world over and proven itself to be truly extraordinary in tone quality as well as playability.

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