Quality American Made Banjos

Our passion for building banjos is ultimately for creating the magic of the music

How To Tell It's Time To Change Your Banjo Strings

You wouldn't paint a picture with dirty brushes. You wouldn't chisel a sculpture with blunted tools. So why play a banjo with worn out strings?

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Am I Too Old To Learn To Play the Banjo?

It’s too late to learn when the dirt hits our face, but until then, we have plenty of time to learn how to play the banjo.

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Learn To Play Clawhammer Banjo

Learn how to play clawhammer banjo with this free video lesson!

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Learning Banjo By Ear For Beginners

Looking beyond the tab is a mature approach to learning and will make you a better player. Begin to learn by ear!

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Kavanjo Banjo Pickup: Advice & Tips

Magnetic pickups are nothing new to guitarists. Finally - this style of pickup, with all its potential, has been applied to the acoustic banjo.

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Using Your Guitar Technique On the 5 String Banjo

Most guitar players look at the 5 string banjo as a completely new instrument. Actually the guitar and the 5 string banjo are tuned very similarly. You can easily bring many of your guitar licks over to the 5 string banjo.

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  • Goodtime Openback

    At this price, it has great tone, great feel, stays in tune, is awesomely durable, and worlds better than the the banjos I've played that are even double the cost!

  • Goodtime Banjo Ukulele

    Love at first strum. Quality through and through. Great sustain/tone. Makes my Chinese made banjolele seem like a toy!

    -Mike. H
  • Goodtime Six 6 String Banjo

    The best 6 string banjo available

    -Guitar Guy
  • Deering Sierra

    This banjo has the best tone I have heard. It looks beautiful, and plays wonderfully. It is quite simply a dream to play!

    -Micheal B
  • Deering Eagle II

    It's like I'm holding a grand piano in my lap. The tone is so round, so lush and full. I could not be more pleased with this American made instrument!