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Goodtime 6 String Banjos

Played and tuned just like a guitar. You've got to hear it!

Made In America

Goodtime Six-R 6 String Banjo

The new Goodtime Six-R banjo comes hot on the heels of the very popular Goodtime Six open back banjo, but with a few additional features making the Goodtime Six-R ready for the big stage both in looks and in build. Most notably, the Goodtime Six-R features a radiused midnight maple finger board, offering the player a striking contrast to the normal blonde of the har...

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Goodtime Six 6 String Banjo

The Goodtime Six was not designed to replace the guitar, but rather complement it. It affords guitarists the chance to play what they already know with unimaginably creative results. The Goodtime Six is a 6 string, steel string banjo, that tunes like a guitar and features a fast, sleek, and comfortable guitar style neck that feels like an old friend. Th...

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