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Private Collection™

Since 1975, the Deering Banjo Company has created some of the finest banjos on the planet. A 38 year journey of exploration, innovation, research & development, not to mention countless visits back to the drawing board in pursuit of perfection. An enormous amount of pride is put into all of our products and they don’t come much more perfect than the Deering Private Collection.

Reserved exclusively as a place for the most incredible banjos ever produced, the Deering Private Collection is a banjo enthusiast’s dream come true. Whether it is the intricate inlay work of the Tree of Life, the exquisite heel carving and burl walnut of the Ivanhoe, or the luxurious mother of pearl fingerboard of the Gabriella, you will find only unparalleled attention to detail, and the finest craftsmanship in the industry. To achieve this level of quality is a very labor intensive process that uses only the best quality hand selected wood and materials. 

Each banjo is a labor of love and the finished results are simply breathtaking.  If you are a serious banjo enthusiast, then you should consider a banjo from our own Private Collection.

Deering Clawgrass™ No. 2 Banjo

The Clawgrass™ No. 2 model is created when Mark Johnson approached Deering with one vision in mind - to offer the same solid foundation, quality, tone and playability of his original, but at a more affordable price point. The new Deering Clawgrass No. 2 banjo has the same dynamic ton...


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Deering G.D.L.™ 5-String Banjo

Beautiful exotic walnut with abalone & ivoroid trim, The G.D.L. (Greg Deering Limited) banjo carries Greg's namesake because he really enjoys the understated elegance of this model. Combining the beauty of the tone of walnut with the aesthetic elegance of the hand set abalone trim along the edges of the fingerboard and resonator sides, this banjo is more affordable while featuring the ar...

From $6,999.00

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Deering Ivanhoe™ 5-String Banjo

We reserve the most highly figured walnut for the neck and rare pieces of exotic burl walnut veneer for the resonator. The beautiful burl veneer on the resonator is the same veneer as used on the inside of a Rolls Royce. The inside walls of the resonator are carved for loud and clear projection of the wonderful tone. The Ivanhoe is a beautiful gold plated & engraved s...

From $14,499.00

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Deering Clawgrass™ Banjo

An openback with punch! Features a wider neck and a bronze Deering -06- tone ring.  This banjo can be played for bluegrass, clawhammer, or a blend called Clawgrass, named after the style created by Mark Johnson. For modern clawhammer style players who enjoy jamming in any style of music this powerful openback banjo can hold it's own with a loud, clear bell like tone normally only found in re...

From $15,499.00

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Deering Tree of Life 5-String Banjo

Tree of Life banjo is Greg Deerings modern intreptation of the old S.S. Stewart Tree of Life inlay pattern extended and embellished on the peghead to create a uniquely Deering look. It represents a celebration of the beauty and artistry of banjos of old combined with the improved construction techniques which give you a modern banjo that plays as great as it looks. The Tree of Life in...


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Deering Texas™ 5-String Banjo

An Heirloom Banjo - The Texas Banjo commemorates the 150th year anniversary of Texas' independence from Mexico. Only 151 Texas banjos will be made, each with a serial number representing one of the years between 1836 and 1986. You can choose, from remaining numbers, a year that has meaning in your life for your distinctive number. The Texas banjo is designed and marketed by Tony Ullrich of H...


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Deering Gabriella™ 5-String Banjo

The beautiful hand crafted and carved walnut neck has a genuine mother-of-pearl fingerboard and vine peg-head inlay. The frets are seated in ebony with the precision of a master craftsman and the pearl of the fingerboard is also set into the ebony so precisely it looks like the frets are set in the pearl. The pearl fingerboard and the nickel silver frets are polished to provide a luxurious p...

From $32,199.00

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Deering Banjosaurus™ Long Neck

Designed for George Grove of the Kingston Trio a mural of inlay of the dinosaur age made of mother of pearl in white, gold and black, coral, turquoise, cactus, abalone, malachite, several kinds of soap-stones, koa, taugua nut, and rosewood are set into the ebony fingerboard. The neck has an adjustable truss-rod and the truss rod cap is cleverly a part of the peghead inlays. It slips under th...


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