Deering Smile™ Banjo Bridge



Deering’s new patent-pending Smile™ Banjo Bridge is created to fit into the natural curve created on a banjo head when under string tension. This relieves the stress found in a traditional bridge allowing the Smile™ Bridge to vibrate without constriction. The result is an instantly fuller and more expressive midrange, less constricted low end frequencies, and a wonderful balance across all strings.

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*The top/black portion of your banjo bridge is called “the saddle.” This saddle is made to match the shape of the surface of your banjo fingerboard. Most banjo fingerboards are “flat” meaning that they do not have a curved surface. Some banjos are custom made with a curve to the fingerboard which is called a “radiused fingerboard.” This is not to be confused with the curve of the feet of a Smile™ bridge. When choosing the Smile™ bridge please choose the one that has “the saddle” that is shaped like the surface of your fingerboard.

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Goodtime Banjo Bridge


Made with rock maple and a durable black composite saddle, this bridge is meticulously crafted and noted for its great sound. Featured on all Deering Goodtime banjos.

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Deering Banjo Bridge


Our quality bridge made of dense maple and ebony for premium sound.

Lots of growth lines indicate a higher grade of bridge wood is used to make each Deering bridge.

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Greg Deering Signature Bridge


Our premium grade bridges are selected from the most dense maple. They create the best transmission of sound giving you the finest tone and clarity from your banjo.

Personally selected and signed by Greg Deering, with his initial of approval.

Available in 5/8' and 11/16" heights for 5 string banjo.

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Compensated Banjo Bridge


Made of dense maple with an ebony saddle, this compensated bridge will improve the intonation of your banjo. For best intonation, each banjo  string should be at a slightly different distance from the nut. This "stair step″ style compensated bridge does just that. This is the easiest and quickest way to improve your banjo's tone!

Available in 5/8" height for 5-string banjo. 

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