Deering Ivanhoe™ 5-String Banjo


We reserve the most highly figured walnut for the neck and rare pieces of exotic burl walnut veneer for the resonator. The beautiful burl veneer on the resonator is the same veneer as used on the inside of a Rolls Royce. The inside walls of the resonator are carved for loud and clear projection of the wonderful tone.

The Ivanhoe is a beautiful gold plated & engraved slender and fast playing banjo with a quick response that is perfect for melodic playing with a sweet yet bright tone that projects well and enhances all musical styles. Versatile and comfortable, the Ivanhoe is a favorite amongst performers who like the fast Deering neck shape and smaller sound chamber.

You'll find superb craftsmanship in every aspect of the Ivanhoe, from the triple bound peg-head to the hand-carved heel and the superbly engraved gold plated metal parts. It has an intricately pierced armrest accented with elegant floral engraving. It is a work of art that will be treasured for generations to come. With the exceptional tone, quality and feel of the neck it's more than just a show piece, it's a banjo player's dream come true.