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Clawgrass Banjos

Mark Johnson, the “father of Clawgrass,”plays banjo in a unique style. He describes it as “very bluegrass but with overtones of traditional folk, progressive acoustic, newgrass, and old-time all mixed into one.”  Mark’s unique style demands a banjo that can be played with ultimate finesse and powerful precision. The natural walnut and powerful Deering -06- tone ring combine to make Mark’s original style of play a joy for all who listen.

Deering Clawgrass™ No. 2 Banjo

The Clawgrass™ No. 2 model was created when Mark Johnson approached Deering with one vision in mind - to offer the same solid foundation, quality, tone and playability of his original, but at a more affordable price point. The new Deering Clawgrass No. 2 banjo has the same dynamic to...


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Deering Clawgrass™ Banjo

An openback with punch! Features a wider neck and a bronze Deering -06- tone ring.  This banjo can be played for bluegrass, clawhammer, or a blend called Clawgrass, named after the style created by Mark Johnson. For modern clawhammer style players who enjoy jamming in any style of music this powerful openback banjo can hold it's own with a loud, clear bell like tone normally only found in re...

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