Welcome to the Deering Banjo Service Center

"To me, there are few greater joys than watching the way a musician lights up when they get to see and play their instrument after it has been worked on with love and care. I love what I do because I know that I can take this instrument that is already well loved, get it nice and cleaned up, add a touch of sweetness to it, and brighten their day."

Sam Miller, Deering Repair Technician

Why Service My Banjo?

To ensure success on your banjo journey, it is vital that you service your banjo to keep it in perfect playing condition. This will ensure that the banjo stays clean, sounds great, but most importantly, is adjusted to suit your playing. There are no two ways about it. Over time, strings will wear, heads will stretch, bridges may sag and so every so often, you will need to breathe some new life into your banjo.

Service Packages

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to service your banjo, you can choose from one of three service packages.

What Do You Mean By Upperline?

Upperline refers to anything above the Goodtime Series. Any Deering/Vega banjos from the Flagship Series, Eagle Series, Golden Series, Artist Series, Tenbrooks Series, Private Collection, or Vega banjos.




Who Will Service My Banjo?

The Deering Service Center is headed up by Sam Miller, who previously spent 4 years with our warehouse team. Sam, an active musician, has a long history in musical instrument repair, heading up the fretting department at Carvin Guitars for 5 years as part of their repair and final assembly team. He also works on all of his own instruments, as well as his friends, including banjos, guitars and other stringed instruments.

Deering Banjo Service Repairman

How Do I Arrange To Return My Banjo?

If you have purchased one of our three service packages, you will receive a Service Center email with details of what to do next. The first step is to get in touch with us by emailing repairs@deeringbanjos.com to obtain an RA (Return Authorization) number from Sam. Once you have the information and an approximate date has been agreed upon, it is time to pack your banjo.

Please take the following steps:
  1. Remove all personal items from your banjo case such as picks, straps, etc.
  2. Include the RA Service Order Confirmation you received inside the case with the banjo
  3. Ship the banjo in a hard exterior box that is well padded to prevent any new damage to the banjo. You may be able to get one for free by contacting a local music store, or several carriers also offer a specialized guitar sized box at their outlets.
  4. We recommend adding extra padding at the base of the box, as well as around the neck section of the banjo to prevent any damage during shipping.
  5. If you have a hard-shell case, please ship the banjo inside the case.
  6. If your banjo has a resonator, we normally advise using blue painters tape (or similar non-marking tape) to secure the thumbscrews of the resonator so that they do not come loose in transit.
  7. Ensure the banjo for full replacement price in US Dollars.

You may ship the banjo through any shipper you wish. We will return it via FedEx on our end and we insure it for return. If you chose one of our service packages, return shipping is included in the cost of the package.

What Will Happen To My Banjo Once It Arrives?

Once your banjo arrives at the Deering factory, it will be checked in, and evaluated. We will contact you to let you know that it is here and make any further recommendations or suggestions that Sam notices. Once the work has been agreed to, you will be advised of a realistic completion date and we will begin working on your banjo!

My Banjo Is Not A Deering. Can You Still Service It?

It goes without saying that we love banjos of any kind. Currently, we are focused on Deering banjos and are not accepting non-Deering brands for repair. Please check back for updates.