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Deering Phoenix™ Acoustic/Electric 6-String Banjo


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As well as a master volume control, players can dial in the tone even more with the addition of a blend control, the centre position of which is marked with a centre notch. This allows for a seemingly endless combination of Kavanjo® and piezo mix, bringing out the best from both pick ups and truly enhancing the natural sound of the banjo itself.

Banjo Specs


  • Maple Stained Golden Honey
  • Radiused Fingerboard
  • Slender Deering Neck Shape
  • Guitar style tuners - (Planetary Tuners available as an option)
  • Pearloid Inlays
  • Adjustable Truss Rod
  • Satin Finish
  • 22 Pressed In Nickel Silver Frets


  • 3-Ply Violin Grade Maple Rim
  • Notched Tension Hoop
  • 11″ Kavanjo® Renaissance Banjo Head
  • Peizo Pickup Under the Bridge Plate
  • Patented Deering Bridge Plate
  • 5/8″ Maple/Ebony Deering Smile Bridge
  • 24 Flat Hooks with 9/32″ Hex Nuts
  • 24 Bracket Shoes
  • Gold Polymer Coated Armrest and Tension Hoop, Tailpiece, and 2-piece Flange
  • Deering 6-String Tailpiece
  • Tone and Pickup Blender Controls
  • Eagle Series 2 Piece Flange
  • Dual Steel Coordinator Rods for Adjustments


  • Maple, Honey Stained
  • Trimmed in Black
  • Straight Sidewalls
  • Satin Finish


Warm round full notes sound at full volume acoustically and are enhanced with brilliant highs via the piezo pickup and warm mid range from the Kavanjo®. The tone is adjustable with the blender control to bring the best from both pickups. Bright round clear notes ring with the happy resonance of the banjo.


E,A,D,G,B,E in standard guitar tuning

Can easily be tuned in other tunings as well.



  • Neck Width at the Nut 1 3/4″
  • Scale Length Nut to Bridge 26 1/4″
  • Resonator diameter 13 7/8″
  • Overall Instrument Length 38 1/2″
  • Weight Approx. 8 lbs

Lifetime Warranty:

The trust and pride we share in our product gives us the confidence to grant every owner of a Deering banjo a Lifetime Warranty ensuring the quality of our materials and workmanship.

Includes a Deering Hardshell Case


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