Greg Deering

Greg Deering, George Grove, & Jens Kruger Chat Americana Folk Gathering | Deering Live Ep. 90

With the Americana Folk gathering just around the corner, we invite George Grove, Jens Kruger and our own Greg Deering to talk about this years event. During the conversation, we will undoubtedly have great fun sharing stories, memories of previous camps, as well as discussing the 2023 camp and the Kruger Brothers concert that Greg Deering will be hosting!


  • Frank

    Thanks for sharing your heartfelt memories ! The hour slipped by so fast with your recollections, stories and sincere friendship’s . Thanks again!

  • Terry Ransom

    What a thoroughly delightful Deering Live! So many memories! Yes, I, too, was at that momentous Kruger Brothers performance/sing along at the Scottsdale Plaza and it was truly amazing to hear so many heartfelt voices singing Forever and a Day. I was a camper in 2001 (the 2nd Trio camp hosted by John Stewart and Nick Reynolds) and played John Stewart’s Deering long neck banjo. As soon as I got home I ordered my own! Now I also have a John Hartford and a Clawgrass 2. Also, The Kruger Brothers helped me survive the covid era with their live streams and cooking shows! Thank you so much for this week’s hour of Deering Live!!

  • William Shipp

    Best Wishes to all persons who have made music part of the worlds answer to enjoyment ….☮️🎶🔛🌎

  • Spencer A, Cranney

    This is wonderful. Good to see George! God Bless !

  • Wayne Nichols

    Hi all, I came late to the video hope to rewatch later. I had the pleasure to see the Kruger Brothers here in Ft. Myers, Fl recently. Being new to banjo, it was great to see the consummate artistry of the Krugers. Thanks so much for the videos they are a great help!!

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