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Moveable Harmonic Shapes with BB Bowness | Deering Live

We're happy to welcome Catherine BB Bowness, from the band Mile Twelve, back to Deering Live to give where she is going teach us about "Movable Harmonic Shapes" on the 5-string banjo. These are shapes such as chord positions or intervals that you can move all the way up the neck of the banjo, thus opening up the entire fingerboard for you. We will also talk about Mile Twelve's new upcoming release "Close Enough To Hear".

Be sure to tune in to watch this Steve Martin Banjo Award winner play and talk about the 5-string banjo!

Check out BB online -


  • Bruce

    Can you explain how when playing a song in G, to keep to the G-scale when the song shifts to a C-chord?

  • Jamie @ Deering

    Good catch, Bruce. That is fixed.


    Your Ep. 81 post says January 11, not Jan 26

  • Patrick M McCarthy

    Thank you very kindly,

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