How To Adjust Your Banjo's Coordinator Rods


  • vern

    show us how to adjust the truss rod double acting ones please, thanks

  • Linz

    Thanks for the info David !! Much appreciated…

  • George Clark

    How about a video that explains how to change the head?

  • Silvio Ferretti

    Very nice video, clear and simple instructions, a blessing for beginners. However (isn’t there always a “however”?…), it would have helped to clarify that co-rods adjustment should be done – if based on string height at the 22nd or even 12th fret – once the neck relief is set right. A bowed neck, or one that is too straight, will give too high or too low an action no matter how the co-rods are set. So, at least IMO, the sequence of adjustments should be different, i.e. 1) with loose strings make sure that the rod(s) are snug on the neck side, 2) make sure the outside / tailpiece nut is tight against the rim, 3) make sure the top rod’s inside nut is just snug (not tight) against the inside of the rim (#2 and 3 make the rim rigid and ensure that string tension does not make the rim oval when brought up), 4) tighten the strings to pitch and check neck relief, 5) if neck relief is right move on to what the video says. Hope this can help and add further info to this nice video. And kudos to the Deering Banjo Co. for helping pickers all around the world.

  • Robert Schultz

    thanks, your “how to” videos are well made, and easy to follow. as well as getting your banjo to sound it’s best.

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