How To Tighten Your Banjo Head

Pick up a T-Wrench here to tighten your banjo head!


  • Raymond

    What electronic tuner do you recommend?

  • Tom Quinn

    Thank you for the information. I try a straight edge placed at the foot of the bridge. If I can get a dime to pass underneath just barely my head is properly tight.

  • Wayne Miller

    Thank you for the tutorial on adjusting the banjo head. Great video! I appreciate the help!

  • Dave

    I would like to thank Deering for providing such helpful information with how to videos that allow us to keep our instruments sounding and playing as best as possible. I would like to see more videos that would show us how to disassemble our banjos for cleaning purposes and how to reassemble them the correct way.I want to attempt this but I would feel more comfortable viewing a video that takes me through it step by step. Maybe something for the suggestion box ? Thank you again.

  • Charles Hall

    Great video. I had done my F B 59 Fender but wanted to see if I was missing anything.guess i was right. I was ready to toss the thing when I decided to tear it apart and start from scratch the sound had gotten raunchy so I did my thing and next jam at my place everyone ask if I had traded banjos. its really got the crack now.. wouldn’t trade or let it go now…sounds better than the Gibsons and Martins I’ve owned.. thanks for sharing your knowledge…

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