How To Change Your Banjo Strings

Watch a great video with Chad Kopotic, the Deering Quality Control Manager, who will take you step by step on how to change your banjo strings.



  • Brian

    Thank you for the informantion as I have clocked up 260 on my orginal banjo as a new player and thought strings lasted until the broke. May explain why D7 sounds horrable and my playing sounds worse so has saved me from throwing the towel in regards to continue to learn.

  • Ed Kohorst

    Thanks for a very informative lesson…I have to get one of those winders…well done!

  • George holly sr

    Thank you for video on changing strings! I have been playing banjo for 40 years and finally learned abetter way! Thanks!!!?

  • Lee

    thanks for posting this video on changing strings. i will use this method to show my students. Thank-you again.

  • Dave

    @Bruce Pritchard, thanks for sharing about Pat Enright and the need for safety glasses. I am always a little leery when changing strings and wearing safety glasses would have saved Pat’s eye.

    Thanks to Chad and Deering for this very informative video, especially with regards to intonation. Usually, players have no idea why they sound out of tune up the neck nor how to perform such an easy task that makes such a huge difference in the overall sound of the instrument!

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