George Grove of The Kingston Trio

The Kingston Trio (c1992-2017)

George Grove, 41-year veteran of The Kingston Trio (as of 2017), has been playing Deering banjos exclusively for over 25 years, both on-stage and in the recording studio.

His custom Deering banjo known as "The Banjosaurus" was used for The Kingston Trio's CD Live At The Crazy Horse (released 1994).

The "Tom Dooley Banjo" was used for the Trio's Christmas album, Glad Tidings (released December, 2009). And his "Vega Kingston Trio 'George Grove'" was used for their CD Born At The Right Time (released February, 2012).

George says that his only problem with his Deering banjos is "which one shall I use? Each banjo has a distinctive voice and personality -- I wish I could tour with all three banjos!"

George has moved on from the Kingston Trio and putting together a new project called The Great American Folk Songbook.