Brad Davis

Grammy Record Performer Brad Davis “The Shredder” is a songwriter, producer, session, and touring artist. He has worked with Marty Stuart, Earl Scruggs, Billy Bob Thornton, Forester Sisters, Sweet Hearts of the Rodeo, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Emmy Lou Harris, Roger Miller, Steve Earl, David Lee Roth, Dwight Yokum, and others.

Steve Lukather – “I was walking thru a NAMM show, and I heard this fantastic guitar stopped in my tracks. I watched and listened to someone who OWNED the instrument: perfect chops, a gorgeous touch, and a lot of heart.

Tommy Shaw – “For Brad Davis, there is no such thing as half measures, unless it’s specifically written that way on a music chart. He plays the guitar with heart and soul the same way he writes and records his songs. His style is instantly recognizable.”

Earl Scruggs – “Brad Davis is a great guitar player, on both acoustic and electric. He has a unique style that I enjoy hearing.”

Billy Bob Thornton – “Brad Davis is one of the most interesting original guitar players I have ever heard with his very own double down up shredder technique. The music he creates will undoubtedly mark history; he’s amazing.” 

Chris Thile – “I was hired to play at a guitar convention with Brad Davis, and as we were jamming, Brad ripped into his signature shredder technique and blew me away. At the top of my lungs, All I could say was WHO ARE YOU, MAN?”

Deering Boston 6-String