Daniel Wallage

Daniel Wallage | Sons Of East

Danile Wallage is the banjo player and multi-instrumentalist in the Australian band Sons of The East.

Known as a few fellas having some fun. Consisting of a lot of good times, a lot of smiles and a lot of high fives. Sons of the East is an indie-folk band from Sydney, consisting of Jack Rollins, who once tamed an emu; Nic Johnston, the guy who is without a doubt the best at finding short cuts; and Dan Wallage, whose hair was once described by David Attenborough as ‘the single greatest organism to ever grace the earth’. Forming in late 2011, these gentlemen have made their way around Australia, from Sydney’s best live music venues to a camel farm in Uluru.

Their sound is a saucy, melting pot of diverse indie sounds and motley mix of banjo, organ, piano, guitar, stirring harmonies and the occasional didgeridoo. The result is a modern, alternative folk sound that draws on truly eclectic influences from far and wide, but somehow winds up feeling like home.

You can find out more about them and if they are playing near you at Sons of The East