Powell Balkcom of The Castellows

Powell Balkcom of The Castellows

My name is Powell Balkcom, I grew up on a cattle farm in South Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Agriculture Business. I’ve grown up singing and playing in church and I taught myself banjo when I was 14.

About The Castellows

Neo-Traditional Country music trio, The Castellows, are bringing a literal meaning to the phrase, “family tradition.” The band comprised of sisters Powell (banjo), Ellie (Lead Guitar), and Lily (vocals), hail from small rural Georgetown, Georgia, but now call Nashville home. The Castellows’ sound is traditional, yet modern. Authentic, yet harnessed. The common thread among the trio, other than their DNA, is their masterful three-part harmonies which blend together to create one singular, almost angelic, voice. The band spent the summer of 2023 writing, recording, and touring, and it is now time for the three sisters from a cattle farm in Georgia to step on the modern country music stage, times three.


The Castellows


Deering Eagle II Acoustic/Electric