Mark Johnson on Deering Live

Clawhammer Triplets & Licks In Double Tunings with Mark Johnson | Deering Live

Mark Johnson is the creator of the Clawgrass style of playing clawhammer banjo which allows him to play in the clawhammer style in other genres than old time, such as bluegrass and more. In this episode Mark will be playing some tunes and talking about how to incorporate triplets and other licks in double tunings such as double C, D, and E. Be sure to tune in!

Watch Mark explain what Clawgrass is in the video below!


  • Terry Ransom

    Too bad Mark’s video and audio were freezing up and out of sync. Other than that it was pure Mark Johnson genius!

  • Rik Palieri

    Mark do you put anything inside your banjo to soften the tone ?

  • Greg Smith

    Your microphones are playing your statements and Mark’s music several times on top of each other. Gobblety- Gook

  • Mitchell Lind

    Mark has talents that exceed the awards he has achieved / his improv skills and ability to adjust in a circle of players is appreciated. I have “jammed” with Mark on many occasions and he makes it fit… a fun guy, and humbly in his own multi talented world.

  • Christopher Callender

    This is going to be another great Deering Live presentation and I can’t wait! Mark Johnson is at the forefront of banjo playing and a true pioneer like Earl Scruggs, and those that came before him. Any clawhammer banjo-playing enthusiast knows exactly the challenge of playing and performing in a band or with a group of other musicians where various techniques and sounds must be employed to add value and be unique to the overall product. Thank you Deering for identifying that story needs to be shared and thank you Mr. Johnson for telling your story and showing the rest of us the way.

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