Enda Scahill | Deering Live

Enda Scahill | Deering Live

We're glad to feature Enda Scahill from We Banjo 3 on Deering Live this Thursday, Oct. 6th at 4pm ET/1am PT. Enda is a fantastic Irish tenor banjo player and offers a great series of lessons on playing the Irish tenor banjo on his Patreon page

Below you can see one of the lesson Enda offers where he talks demonstrates how he approaches crosspicking on the tenor banjo.


  • Bob Lamoy

    I agree with others that your media instructions could be better if your voice was amplified. I watched the accompanying technique video recently but found it difficult to hear you. Your banjo is loud and clear. I’m sure your instruction would be more effective if we could hear your instruction better.

  • Paul B Bush

    I also welcome any Irish tenor banjo content. I play a walnut-colored Deering Goodtime 17 fret. Guru Guitars in Raleigh, NC, USA fitted a new nut for GDAE tuning.

  • Gordon

    I’m considering a Deering Goodtime Artisan tenor banjo. Any recommendation on what to consider or how to choose between 17 and 19 fret models?

  • Shawn L.

    To slow down videos and even loop on youtube just insert the word repeater between youtube and .com (no spaces) on youtube links. Like this-
    Change speed in the settings on the screen

  • Johnny T.

    Interesting. He’s playing a plectrum banjo with Irish tenor tuning. Yes, probably a little too fast to pick up the right hand technique but a difficult concept (crosspicking) to slow down. The green fingerboard markers are ideal for an Irishman.

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