Jake Sawicki of the Native Howl

Jake Sawicki of The Native Howl | Deering Live

Jake Sawicki is the banjo player for the self-described thrash grass band, The Native Howl who hail from Leonard, MI. Their 2016 release of "Thrash Grass" unleashed the newly-coined genre of the same name, combining the aggressiveness and intensity of thrash metal with the melodicism and precision of bluegrass. Jake is here to talk about pushing the boundaries of how a banjo can be used, appearing on the TV Show "No Cover" and spending the last few months touring with shock rockers GWAR.

Jake plays a custom Deering Eagle II acoustic/electric banjo. Learn more about the Deering Eagle II Acoustic/Electric banjo here!


  • Daphne

    I just went and listened to Thunderhead and I love it.

  • Jhon Bellizia

    Fantastic! I love that Deering is supporting banjo music that pushes the boundaries and expands what the instrument is stereotypically known for.

  • Carl

    Wow! I love it! Great energy and great innovation! I hope to hear and see a lot more from this band.

  • Virgil Evans

    I have to credit them with creativity. On the other hand, intonation in the vocals are sometimes rough. Put the drummer in a different room…..or building….or pay him to stay home.

  • Dave Grudniski

    I really like it ! But I can see how a traditionalist wouldn’t like it.
    I think pushing the parameters of what came before is the mother of invention.
    Great energy, Raw, with an interesting kinda Bluegrass/Rockabilly vibe .
    Guitar player is great I am now going listen to a bit more from Native Howl to get a clearer picture of Jake’s playing.

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