Mean Mary James | Deering Live

Mean Mary James | Deering Live

Making her long-awaited debut on Deering Live, Mean Mary James joins us to talk about her new album 'Portrait of a Woman (Part 1)'. Mary has a truly fascinating story and as well as being a fantastic banjo player also boasts guitar and fiddle in her resume and is equally skilled on all three. This promises to be a truly entertaining episode!

Take a listen to her new album Portrait of a Woman, Pt. 1 below!


  • Mike Howard

    Amazing Goodtime Banjo Gal! I’ve listened to Mary for quite some time and do my best to play her songs. Beautiful music and a Quality person. Wish that she came to San Diego.

  • John Coppess

    Mean Mary, you are great!! Great music, great songs and great interview!

  • George Armstrong

    Absolutely fabulous and inspiring.

  • Dan

    One of my favorite Deering artists. She also seems so nice !!! But that playing is mean.

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