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Moveable Harmonic Shapes with BB Bowness | Deering Live

We're happy to welcome Catherine BB Bowness, from the band Mile Twelve, back to Deering Live to give where she is going teach us about "Movable Harmonic Shapes" on the 5-string banjo. These are shapes such as chord positions or intervals that you can move all the way up the neck of the banjo, thus opening up the entire fingerboard for you. We will also talk about Mile Twelve's new upcoming release "Close Enough To Hear".

Be sure to tune in to watch this Steve Martin Banjo Award winner play and talk about the 5-string banjo!

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  • Adrian Citroni

    Christmas did come early! Thank you very much BB.

  • Terry Ransom

    Another superb lesson from B.B. Bowness! Thank you! It really highlights the freedom to be gained from learning the notes on the fingerboard, as well as major scales and intervals. I avoided it for too many years, but once I made the decision to go beyond playing by ear or from tab it changed my life! Once I understood the inherent patterns within music theory it was no longer necessary to refer to chord charts or stumble over chord substitutions. I will admit that it sometimes causes me to overthink a musical phrase instead of just playing what I hear. But I have gained the ability to play anywhere on the fingerboard in any key with or without a capo. That’s freedom!

  • Phil Carter

    Thanks BB great, interesting lesson.
    Like many others that are not too long into learning will have to rewind/ play this video many times for us to get the maximum from your clear explanation. Thanks Phil (UK)

  • Jiří Pršala


  • Martin Klutz

    Thanks for sharing this great lesson 🪕

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