Valerie June & Marcela Avelar On Deering Live

We are happy to have songwriter, singer, 5-string banjo player, and banjo uke player Valerie June back on Deering Live. Valerie recently wrote a children's book that is published by Third Man Books called "Somebody To Love: The Story Of Valerie June's Sweet Little Baby Banjolele". Valerie will play some tunes on her banjolele, read some from the book, and talk about it's creation.

Joining her on Deering Live will be Marcela Avelar who created the illustrations in the book. Marcela is a fantastic artist, designer, and more. Her work can be seen in advertisements as well as album covers for musicians like Special K’s, Aloysius 3, So Brown, Wes Hutchinson, and Norah Jones. She also designed the stage for Norah Jones’ 2017 Day Breaks World Tour.

Valerie's energy has some of the most positive vibes you'll ever meet and listening to her play and talk about her book will send you back into the world with a smile on your face.