Eric Lindberg

Eric Lindberg | Nefesh Mountain

Brooklyn native and multi-instrumentalist Eric Lindberg brings his Jazz and Classical background to the acoustic forms of Bluegrass and Old-Time music. Eric plays Banjo and Guitar in the progressive bluegrass band Nefesh Mountain alongside wife and co-founder Doni Zasloff. Together they play and write original material which fuses the beautiful worlds of Roots music and Jewish heritage and tradition.

As a longtime guitar player Eric had not picked up the Banjo until May of 2013, when a solo Bela Fleck concert in San Francisco became the straw that broke the proverbial camels back, convincing him to go out and buy one the very next day. Since then he has been devoted to the beautiful craft of the Banjo, playing in both 3 finger and Clawhammer styles learning on his own and from Banjo great and personal hero Tony Trischka.

Nefesh Mountain has three recordings to date featuring friends and bluegrass greats Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Tony Trischka, David Grier, Mark Schatz, Scott Vestal, and Rob Ickes among others. As a proud sponsor of Deering Banjos, Eric is devoted advocate for the 5 string banjo and it's importance and relevance in American music. Though the banjo has seldom been associated with or used in a Jewish context, Eric's innovative and modernized use of it with Nefesh Mountain is bridging the gap between American and Jewish traditions for generations to come.

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