2022 Steve Martin Banjo Prize Announcement | Deering Live

Deering Live is honored to host the Steve Martin Banjo Prize 2022! Jamie and David from Deering Live will be joined by special guest Alison Brown as we reveal the 2022 Steve Martin Banjo Prize winners.

This episode of Deering Live is presented by the Freshgrass Foundation and Compass Records. 


  • Gary

    Congratulations Enda, enjoyed the tour of Ireland with We banjo 3.

  • Cara Gawerecki

    Oh my wonderful wonderful! I’m. Rey new to banjo, I fell in love with a Deering banjo in August of this year. My husband made it possible to have one. I love it, such a beautiful instrument.

  • Scott Hansen

    What’s the prelude before the video???

  • Terry Ransom

    Just wow! Such a well deserved honor for both recipients. Bill, especially, was such an influence on my playing from the first time I saw him with Dry Branch Fire Squad and later at one of the first Nash Camps. Though my “Got Banjo?” shirt is long gone, I still regularly play Corey’s Slide to keep Bill in my repertoire. Congratulations!

  • Scott Malthouse

    Sawadee from Sangkhom Thailand

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