2022 Steve Martin Banjo Prize Announcement | Deering Live

Deering Live is honored to host the Steve Martin Banjo Prize 2022! Jamie and David from Deering Live will be joined by special guest Alison Brown as we reveal the 2022 Steve Martin Banjo Prize winners.

This episode of Deering Live is presented by the Freshgrass Foundation and Compass Records. 


  • Brad Hunt

    sooooo well deserved, thanks for showing Deering

  • Betty Zeestraten

    Enda is well deserving of this award. Congr

  • Mark Johnson

    Congratulations! Enda Scahill! Very Deserving, fantastic musician, great banjo sound, all your own too! No easy feat.

  • Bill

    Congratulations to Bill Evans….most deserved!

  • Daryl Mendelson

    Hi all. I had so many false starts throughout my life. Original had a tenor banjo and now have a plectrum gathering dust. I’m 66 now and wished I’d learn to play Dixieland but sigh, I am not a picker – what little I knew after being away from it for so many years – GONE! :) That said, how do you find a LEGITIMATE path to learning a plectrum and Dixieland? I am an actor and have done many musicals, so I am not a stranger to music. Grew up listening to the Firehouse 5 +1. Any actionable insights are welcome!

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