Kruger Brothers CD- Spirit of The Rockies

Kruger Brothers CD- Spirit of The Rockies


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Spirit of the Rockies is a poetic, spiraling tale about ghosts, relationships and guides – both seen and unseen. It is a story about love, spiritual legacy, the sharing of beauty, and the yearning for freedom from the restrictions of the mind.

21 Songs

1. Prelude to a Journey
2. A Man and His Story
3. Spellbound
4. There Came a Howling Gale
5. Into The Stormy Night
6. This Is Me
7. Yet I Am Alive
8. As In So Many Dreams
9. The Winds We Ride
10. Forests Deep and Valleys Wide
11. My Love is True
12. I Will Find a Way
13. The Turning of the Wheel
14. Fare Thee Well, My Friend
15. Of Darkness and of Light
16. The Lake
17. Above the Timber Line
18. Through Ice and Snow
19. In Her Arms
20. Spirit of the Rockies
21. For All the Ties That Bind

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