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Custom Goodtime Banjos

Create Your Own Custom Goodtime Banjo

Did you ever wish that you could take a Goodtime banjo and make it your very own? Well, now you can with our Goodtime Custom program.

Available exclusively through deeringbanjos.com, the Goodtime Custom Models are based on the popular Artisan Goodtime series. Simply pick the model that you want and get customizing! Choose your stain, hardware color, head type and even add a personalized name in the peghead!

Aside from being completely customizable, these banjos feature planetary tuners, Midnight Maple fingerboard and 5th string capo spikes (on 5 string models) as standard! Whatever you chose, it will be all yours.

So relax and enjoy your sound.

    Custom Goodtime Banjo

    The original Goodtime open back banjo can now be customized as you would like it. With all the hallmarks of Goodtime quality; 11" 3 ply violin grade maple rim, rock maple neck, geared tuners, and a glorious sound.

    From $999.00

    Customize Yours

    Custom Goodtime Two Banjo

    If you are looking for a bit more power in a lightweight package, the addition of a maple resonator to the Goodtime banjo makes for a nice projection that sounds great but doesn't weigh too much.

    From $1,199.00

    Customize Yours

    Custom Goodtime Special Banjo

    The Custom Goodtime Special is a solid Bluegrass grade instrument, featuring Deering's patented Special Tone Ring. This banjo will keep up with the best of 'em. Take a few minutes to design your own!

    From $1,399.00

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    Custom Goodtime Americana Banjo

    Your Custom Goodtime Americana offers a completely customizable 5 string banjo, equipped with a 12" rim for a wonderful tone, reminiscent of old-time style banjos.

    From $1,199.00

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    Custom Goodtime Six 6 String Banjo

    The Goodtime Six is the first Goodtime six-string model and can now be completely customized. An 11" rim and frosted top head make this a great addition to any guitar players collection.

    From $1,199.00

    Customize Yours

    Custom Goodtime Six-R Resonator 6 String Banjo

    The older sibling of the original Goodtime Six model, the Goodtime Six-r includes a beautiful maple resonator for some added projection in a jam setting. Make it yours!

    From $1,299.00

    Customize Yours