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  • Deering introduces Richlite™ to Boston Banjo

    As you will have read form our previous article "Lets Talk About Ebony", you will know that Deering faces the challenge of a decreasing availability of Gabon Ebony which we use on finger boards for all of our Deering and Vega instruments. After much testing and deliberation, Deering is extremely happy to announce that with immediate effect, all Boston models will feature finger boards made from a synthetic alternative to ebony called Richlite.
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  • Deering & Ebony - An Introduction

    Like many musical instrument manufacturers, Deering regularly turns to nature for much of its material. Woods such as walnut, maple and mahogany, while often aesthetically pleasing are vital to the construction and tone of the instrument, whereas abalone and mother of pearl are regularly used to enhance the look of the instrument.
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