Deering True Tone™ Tailpiece


The Deering True Tone™ Tailpiece is designed to combine the best features of easy adjustment, ease of string changing, and enhance the tone of the banjo without humming.  It is fully adjustable.

By far the best tailpiece made today.

*May add an attachment L Bracket for $2.75. L Bracket is needed for models without a one piece flange.*

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Goodtime™ Banjo Tailpiece


Greg Deering designed this Goodtime tailpiece to give the customer adjustability and great sound. Made of steel, nickel plated, and easy to use and install, the Goodtime tailpiece is a perfect match for the ever-popular Goodtime banjos!

Comes in Three Styles.

  • Goodtime Tailpiece- fits all Goodtime Tenor and 5 String Banjos
  • Goodtime Ukulele Tailpiece- Fits Goodtime Banjo Ukulele and Goodtime banjo Ukulele Tenor
  • Goodtime Six Tailpiece- Fits Goodtime Six and Goodtime Six Jumbo


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Deering 6-String Banjo Tailpiece


Hand-made in the Deering factory, the Deering 6-string tailpiece is fully adjustable. Made of steel, nickel plated and for use with ball-end acoustic/electric guitar strings, the player will find the tailpiece is not only reliable but easy to use.

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Deering Knot-Less Banjo Tailpiece


The Deering Knot-Less Banjo Tailpiece is made in the same Spring Valley factory as all of our banjos. Deering's take on the traditional no-knot tailpiece offers a far lower break angle over the bridge than the standard Deering tailpiece. This gives the banjo the recognizable mellow, muted tone long preferred by the old time/ clawhammer/ frailing style banjo players.

The Knot-Less tail piece is also completely stable, eliminating the age old issue of the tailpiece being pulled from side to side during a restring. 

Made for Vega Old Time Wonder, the Deering Knot-Less works for Goodtime Banjos and Deering models without a flange.

Note: Will not fit any Deering banjo that has a standard flange or tube flange. 

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