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Snark Banjo Tuner


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This Snark Tuner is great for tuning up your Deering Banjo! This popular brand Clip-on Chromatic Tuner has an Ultra-bright, Easy-to-read Rotating Display. For Use with Any Instrument. Please remove from banjo after use. 


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Planet Waves Clip On Tuner


Clip on electronic tuner by Planet Waves.  This is the smallest electronic tuner, the right size so that you can attach it and leave on your peghead all the time. Even when you put your banjo in the case because it is smaller than the banjo tuners.  Just attach it so that you can see the screen behind your peghead and leave it there. You may want one for every banjo you own, because then you never have to look to find a tuner!  And, It will save you money because you'll never loose it.

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