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Goodtime Banjo Ukuleles

The Goodtime Banjo Ukuleles can be summed up in one word. Fun!

Available in both concert and tenor models, these banjo ukuleles are like no other. The rims are noticeably larger than those found on other banjo ukuleles, creating a more familiar feel to the body size of their acoustic cousins. But the best part? A much rounder, fuller and bolder tone than any of its smaller rimmed banjo ukuleles. A true pleasure to play. 

Goodtime Banjo Concert Scale Ukulele

FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. After years of customer requests, we are proud to offer the new Goodtime banjo ukulele! If you are searching for an instrument that is fun and easy to play in literally any setting, then the Goodtime banjo uke might be just what you are looking for! Often called a banjolele, simply strum a few chords and you will be taken to a land without the st...


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Goodtime Banjo Tenor Scale Ukulele

FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. The Goodtime Tenor Banjo Ukulele continues the success of its concert scale sibling. Developed in response to multiple requests from customers looking for the familiar 17” tenor scale ukulele length and warmer sound that so many players long for!


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